Signals to understand that it’s time to change your mattresses:

If the mattress is used only for sleeping at night, it is unlined and washed regularly, it will last much longer than a mattress that is not regularly maintained.

There are also habits that it is advisable to avoid in order not to drastically reduce the duration of the mattress. If treated well a mattress can last for many years, without presenting problems or defects.

Signals to understand that it’s time to change:

Regardless of the time spent using it and the type of use that has been made, the mattress once it reaches the limit will start sending signals. In fact, it will lose its original rigidity, becoming too soft, or it will harden more than necessary.

It will create bumps, depressions, as well as sagging on the edges of the mattress and at the corners. It worsening the quality of our rest.

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A good rule to consider to understand that if we need to replace our mattress or not is to understand how we feel in the morning, after having slept on it.

If we spent the last few nights waking up, or turning around and turning around trying to sleep, maybe it’s time to change the mattress. The one in our possession will probably have the internal part consumed; regardless of the material with which it is made. Another indicator that can be used for spring mattresses can be squeaking or other suspicious noises.

The body’s ability to adapt:

The human body has a great capacity to adapt, for this reason, it is not too difficult to fall asleep in uncomfortable situations, even on the worst quality mattresses. However, if our mattress has come close to its “expiration date”, it will not be strange to wake up with pain in the sensitive areas of our body, especially the neck, limbs, and hips.

Along with the habit, the ability to adapt to our mattress may not make us understand how long a mattress lasts. In fact, very often we tend to underestimate the fact of waking up with back discomforts, however, this can be considered a real warning signal about the state of our mattress; which must be changed to avoid the onset or deterioration of pathologies connected to the spine.