How to choose the ideal mattress?

Assuming that the ideal mattress, which is good for everyone, does not exist, fortunately, today there are many types of products with different characteristics on the market.

This vast offer allows you to choose the most suitable product for your body based on your physicality, your tastes, your needs, etc.

The choice of the ideal mattress depends on many factors:

The price factor, surely a product that is too cheap cannot be of quality, however, it is not said that to have a good mattress it is necessary to take the most expensive, just find the right compromise.

In this evaluation, since the mattresses all look the same from the outside, it is very important to let ourselves be advised, but to succeed in the business we need collaboration and transparency, we cannot recommend anything unless we know the needs of those in front of us.

Other factors are:

Physicality, specific characteristics, one’s habits, if there are particular pathologies, allergies, preferences if one is warm or cold if one has excessive sweating if the environment is damp, and etc.

Based on all this, the most suitable mattress is chosen.

Only after listening to the customer’s needs can we make our proposal and start recommending the most suitable product, starting from the structure we will choose the type of slab.

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This must support the body by maintaining a natural curvature of the spine without creating pressure points.

Therefore it must not be excessively rigid nor too soft after which we will pass on to the coating.

While with the slab we create the ergonomic support, with the Cover we give the possibility to personalize the mattress, even more, making it more comfortable and more suitable for your needs.

In fact, we can choose between 100% completely Natural Organic Cotton fabric (Bio Cotton).

Double-face coverings, with a very breathable and fresh side in 3D fabric for the summer, suitable for those with excessive sweating and particular heat intolerance a comfortable and warm side for the winter.